Reality Check – Weekend Recap

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on October 11, 2010

DVR spoiler alert! Just in case you haven't had time to catch up on your Reality TV fix over the weekend, I prepared a brief review for everything you may have missed. I must say from a self proclaimed reality junkie that it was quite the interesting weekend in the 'real world'. Keeping Up With the Kardashians/Spin Crowd on E!: The drama continues to surround the Kardashians, but how could it not with over eight immediate family members? Kris finds herself flirting her way to a better body when her personal fitness trainer, Storm, continues to hit on Bruce's bride. Bruce and Kendall make amends after she ran away to Khloe's mansion when Bruce exploded over a boy hanging out in Kendall's room. The show isn't complete either without a little sibling rivalry between Kourtney and Kim at poker night - Kim's a 'sore loser' according to Kourtney so she makes Kim be her 'servant' for the next day. During "Spin Crowd" (after the Kardashians on E!) Command PR publicist Simon, gets his feelings hurt after Jonathon embarrasses him at a party in front of Stephanie Pratt - not too sure I'd be so upset over that. However it may have been the 'last straw' for Simon as he considers whether or not he should even stay at Command PR. Undercover Boss: DirecTV's CEO goes behind the scenes of his own company to take a hands on role in what his employees have to go through every day and the challenges they face. From handling customer service calls to working in the warehouse, Mike White promises to change essential functions in his employees' jobs that he learned along the way. A brand new episode of "Undercover Boss" premieres next Sunday on CBS with a closer look at Frontier Airlines. Amazing Race 17: Quite possibly one of the most entertaining reality shows to hit television, especially with 17 seasons under its belt, "Amazing Race" delivers another captivating episode on CBS. Last night, teams raced through Ghana while taking part in cultural activities such as boxing and children's outdoor games while taking a geography test at a local elementary school. We can all endure a sigh of relief though because it was a non-elimination round, so one of my favorite teams - father and son duo, Michael and Kevin, were able to stay in the race for one more round. Connor and Jonathon, a capella geeks from Princeton, blow the competition out of the water with a first place win - earning them a $5,000 prize each, surprised? Yes, me too!  Extreme Makeover Home Edition: No matter what, this ABC show is a proven tear-jerker week after week as families' lives are changed forever by a team of house remodeling experts. Comedic celebrities hold a 'roast' at the Johnson residence on this episode before the destruction, including laughs from Cedric the Entertainer. Supermodel Brooklyn Decker is also on hand to help make the Johnson home look downright gorgeous. The "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" crew goes above and beyond expectations as always turning the tiny cottage for seven family members into a Spanish-style home set to grace the covers of magazines. Check your Dish programming guide or call 866-989-3474 to see what channels you can catch all of these reality shows and more on for next weekend or so you can set your DVR accordingly.