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Reality TV Finales on DISH Network Finish Out the Week

by Andrew

Posted on December 9, 2010

DISH Network Programming - The Apprentice, Donald Trump, NBCI can't help but admit that my two favorite reality TV shows on DISH Network both have season finales this week - oh what to do? Tonight, will conclude the seventh season of The Apprentice, as the two remaining finalists battle in the boardroom over their last challenge to become the next apprentice for the Trump organization. On ABC, Sunday night, DISH Network will air the finale of award-winning reality series The Amazing Race while three remaining teams of two race for the grand prize of $1 million. The Apprentice, in its seventh season, will air part two of its finale tonight on NBC at 10/9c, where Donald Trump will not only tell one contestant that they're "Fired!" he'll also be sure to tell the winner: "You're Hired!" The whole basis of this season's show was to have talented business-minded individuals who were hit hard by the recession, compete to win the job of a lifetime. Tonight will determine whether Brandy, a 30 year-old attorney from San Francisco, or Clint, a 40 year-old real estate attorney, CPA and real estate developer, will work for Donald Trump. In the second part of the final challenge, Donald Trump and his advisers will determine who pulled of their task the best. Viewers can expect to see a cut-throat competition filled with real tension and drama plus guest stars Liza Minnelli and Kathy Griffin. There will be a different type of winner crowned on CBS this Sunday with the finale of The Amazing Race, season 17, as three remaining teams run the most important race of their lives in hopes of winning $1 million. In all of the 17 seasons of the award-winning reality show, there has yet to be an all-female team win the race, but this season, the odds are in favor of changing the show's history with two out of the three remaining teams being all-female. The remaining teams include best friends and doctors, Nat and Kat, dating couple Jill and Thomas, and energetic TV hosts Brook and Claire. For the first time ever, the race will end in Los Angeles, California where host, Phil Keoghan, will anxiously await the contestants' arrival. You can watch the season finale of The Amazing Race in HD on DISH Network, this Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.   Watch your favorite reality TV shows, sports and movies on DISH Network in HD, visit DISH Systems, authorized DISH Network retailer, or call 866-989-3474 for more information. You can also find DISH Systems on Facebook and Twitter for more satellite TV programming updates and DISH deals.