Reasons to Choose DishTV

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on October 22, 2018

Why You May Want to Switch to Dish

You have a lot of choices these days for home entertainment. Between Dish, Netflix, Amazon, Xfinity, Verizon and all of the others, it can be hard to know who offers what at any given time. Dish is a common choice these days and there are a lot of reasons for this. They have a lot to offer and they offer it at great prices.  

But with the industry changing fast, it can be hard to keep up with exactly what they are offering and what makes it worthwhile. If you looked at what made Dish worthwhile 3 months ago, things might have changed since then. Maybe they are offering even more or less benefits for customers. Hint: They still offer a lot. So, let's take a look at Dish right now and see why it is worthy of being your #1 choice.

  First, there's the obvious. Dish offers the best balance of channels, features, and value for your money hands down. Which is why everyone loves them. But if you aren't a Dish subscriber yet, keep reading, you will be when we are done.

  The Hopper HD DVR and the Joey boxes they offer have a lot to do with user loyalty. This is the heart and soul of your interaction with Dish. The Hopper HD DVR helps you skip ads in Primetime. It will also store 2,000 hours of content, which is double that of the competition. If you like a lot of shows, worry 

Dish Network Cable Deals not, because it will record 16 shows at once. All of them will be there when you are ready to watch them. Other features include a Remote Finder and the ability to watch 4 HD programs at once. You'll also love the smart search which means there is just one search for the guide, DVR, On Demand and Netflix.

Need more of what you want on your Hopper so that you have your content all in one place? No problem. You can add apps like Netflix, Pandora, and Weather. Have it all at your fingertips to make life easier.

Aside from that, the Hopper offers parental controls, the highest resolution and best picture available anywhere, mobile apps that let you schedule recordings, pay your bill, watch live TV and much more. The Game Finder lets you get scores and stats from your favorite games right onscreen.

Dish Network Tailgater  

  Dish allows you to take your HD television anywhere you go with the Tailgater portable satellite antenna. If you are a sports fan, this is going to change your life. You can watch the big game anywhere. 

The bottom line is that you have a ton of options with Dish. You can get pre-built packages just for you and catered to your interests, internet bundles, Latino packages, voice control and much much more. Its wide range of services is not just restricted to metropolitan areas either. You will find their services in even in the remotest areas of the country as well. And customer service is top-notch. In fact, DISH was rated #1 in customer satisfaction in 2018 from the American Customer Satisfaction Index survey.

It's pretty clear that Dish remains America's top choice and you can see why, despite users comparing Dish and DirecTV, like in this article from Gadgetreview. When you combine Dish’s value, service, and options, there is really no comparison. They continue to add more for the value as well. Just last week, it was announced that AT&T SportsNet and the Vegas Golden Knights are now available on DISH in Las Vegas and they also recently announced that American Airlines is offering live TV that is powered by DISH. They even have Dish for college campuses and are lowering costs for hospitals. So if you thought you had a great value in Dish before, it really just keeps getting better.