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Refer your DISH friends and get $50 off your bill.

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on December 30, 2008

What a better time to save money then right after the holiday season. When you refer a friend you’ll get 50 dollars off of your bill. Not a bad deal for being a good friend. DISH Network customers already know they’re getting the best deals available, why not let your friends in on all the savings as well? It’s called ClubDISH and here's how it works: As a DISH Network customer, you can save $50 every time you refer a friend to DISH Network. Give your friends and family ClubDISH gift certificates so they can sign up for DISH Network. GET STARTED All you have to do is call 866.989.3474 and tell them you want to participate in ClubDISH WHAT YOU GET $50 in programming credits ($5/month for 10 months) Plus, one-time benefits: 5 FREE Pay-Per-View coupons (worth over $20) FREE DishMOVER certificate ($99 value) WHAT YOUR FRIEND GETS • FREE Activation - $99.00 value $30 credit on the first bill Plus much more! Join the Club Today by calling 866.989.347. Or order Dish Network online.