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Showtime Renews ‘Weeds’ For An Eighth Season

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on November 14, 2011

Showtime Brings Back WeedsWeeds just keep growing back. Showtime has renewed ‘Weeds’ for yet another season. They have renewed the dramadey for an eighth season which will premiere sometime in the next year, the cable network announced this Thursday. This may be due to the popularity that just won’t quit. The series, which won Parker a Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Comedy in 2006, averaged 720,000 viewers this last season. Check out some of the most memorable episodes over the past eight seasons.
  • ‘A Pool and His Money’: (Season 3, Episode 2) Sanjay has a new experience. Nancy gets bruised. Conrad won’t do what U-Turn wants him to. Lupita still won’t follow orders. Heylia’s out to handle a few things. The Amber Alert is still out on Shane. Andy gets in trouble with a couple who make him for a child molester. Silas gets to talk to Shane. Celia is still having problems with her husband and daughter. Doug begs Celia to forgive him.
  • ‘Higher Education’ (Season 1, Episode 7): Nancy hires an employee, and becomes known to a rival in the process. Shane makes a new friend, and Andy gets to know the new friend’s mother. Celia’s mother comes to visit after Celia’s surgery.
  • ‘Mrs. Botwin’s Neighborhood’ (Season 2, Episode 5): Isabelle is auditioning for the Huskeroo ads after all. Once Celia sees that Isabelle has an opportunity to go national she may change her mind about Isabelle’s involvement. Celia is still campaigning and is starting to wonder what Nancy does during all of her “free time” as a widowed housewife. Conrad lays out the details of the operations of their Armenian neighbors and Nancy comes up with a plan. Silas may have more to deal with than a baby on the way. Shane finally starts to fit in at school. Heylia prepares for her first date with Joseph.
  • 'Must Find Toes': It’s Election Day and the votes are being cast by friend and foe alike. Andy loses some of his toes at the grow house. Nancy tries to make peace with Conrad. She also has to deal with Shane’s romance problems and Silas’ lack of responsibility. Celia is having problems with her marriage, and Dean’s negligence has consequences.
  • ‘Mile Deep and a Foot Wide’ (Season 2, Episode 10): Heylia treats Nancy like the trash that she thinks she is. Peter’s captain looks over his notes on the DEA bust. Celia and Doug’s relationship hasn’t changed since last week. Andy’s ex-girlfriend, Kat, shows up.
While we are waiting for the season premiere of the new season we can catch up on past season on Showtime. Use the above list to find some of the most popular episodes the series has ever come up with. To learn more about adding Showtime to your satellite TV programming package, visit us at DISH-Systems or call (866)989-3474.