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Showtime Social App Now Available For The iPad

by Andrew

Posted on December 23, 2011

Multi-tasking and technology seem to go hand in hand. More and more apps are becoming available that allow you to watch TV and interct with other viewers are no longer a thing of the future. There are plenty of apps out there that require people to look away from the TV and at their second screens. Now you can have someone watching TV on the actual TV set, someone watching on their phones and iPads. IntoNow and Showtime Social poll viewers during shows. A recent Nielson study showed 70% of tablet owners and 68% of Smartphone owners said they use their devices while watching television.
  • Yahoo’s IntoNow: runs on the iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones. IntoNow introduces a true TV companion experience with synchronized news headlines, in-depth sports stats, and tweets from your favorite actors.
  • Showtime Social iPad app: This will let you explore Showtime’s lineup of movie and television programs and share what you find with your Facebook or Twitter friends. The app offers tailors, webisodes, photos and more from Showtime’s movie and popular television shows like Dexter and Homeland.
  • Shazam: Works on nearly all mobile platforms, including Apple, RIM, Android and Windows Phones.
All of these apps use different methods of drawing viewers in. For example, IntoNow and Showtime Social use polls viewers on different topics throughout the course of the show. Shazam displays behind the scene footage with all three of these apps introducing fans of the show to one another. Unfortunately many of these apps don’t work with pre-recorded shows but they do offer great insight to information about the show, other viewer’s opinions and allow you to interact with your program. To learn more about your satellite TV programming package visit us at or call (866)989-3474.