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Some Interesting FCC Data on Cable Industry Prices confirms Dish Network’s Advantages

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on September 4, 2007

With so many different cable companies out there and each cable franchise with-in those large cable companies operating almost independently, it is hard for a consumer to compare apples to apples. Since Dish Network is a national satellite television provider, and has nothing to hide, a consumer can see exactly what they are going to pay.  Dish Network doesn’t add on extra service, franchise or line fees. With Dish Network a customer pays for their programming a small tax and that’s it. As for the cable companies, according to a FCC Report on Cable Industry Prices released on 12/27/06, cable prices increased more than 5 percent last year and 93 percent since the enactment of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Below are some highlights of the FCC report to help you compare Dish Networks low process to “average” cable prices and features. Basic-Plus-Expanded Basic Service
  • Average monthly price: $43.04
    • $14.30 – Basic Service Tier
    • $28.74 – Expanded Basic Tier
  • Average price for programming and equipment: $47.43
  • 1995: $22.35 2005: $43.04
  • 1-year change: 5.2%
  • 10-year cumulative change 92.6%
  • Average number of channels:
    • Basic: 24.9
      • Local Broadcast (12.3)
    • Expanded basic: 45.6
    • Basic + expanded: 70.5
Digital Service
  • Average Monthly Price: $12.99 (includes equipment)
  • Number of digital channels: 33.7
  • Average HDTV channels: 11.6
  • Other digital channels: 108.1
Average Equipment and Installation Charges: ·         Analog Converter & Remote: $4.39 ·         Digital Converter & Remote: $4.99 ·         HD Converter and Remote: $7.08 Cable Installation:
  • Unwired home: $45.94
  • Pre-wired home: $32.22
Source: FCC Report on Cable Industry Prices; Released 12/27/06