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Stay Up To Date This Football Season With These Mobile Apps

by Andrew

Posted on September 8, 2011

Today marks the start of the official NFL Football Season! DISH Network really wants to make this season special and has offered an array of programming and features to help make game day memorable. This year they launched a device called the “Tailgater” is a portable, lightweight, satellite system that allows you to take all your favorite channels with you on the go. Dish subscribers can also catch a free preview of the NFL RedZone this Sunday, September 11th. Here are some other game day apps you can access on your cellular phone to make the day special.
  1. Yahoo Fantasy Football: This mobile app will provide you the ability to add and drop players on the go. It also provides live scoring and roster management. This is available on the iPhone and Android.
  2. ESPN Score Center: Get immediate access to the score in real-time from the NFL and any other league that you may have an interest in. You can personalize and select which teams you would like to receive scoring alerts on and keep track of breaking news and analysis.
  3. NFL Mobile: Receive live audio of every game, real-time stats and network coverage of the live Thursday and Sunday night games. Provides comprehensive reports on draft coverage and will alert you when your prospects are selected.
  4. NFL Message Boards Huddle Up: Find out what other fans are thinking. This app allows you to communicate and read what others are posting on NFL message boards and see what kind of predictions are being made. This app even includes a Twitter feed from many of the major national media and news outlets.
  5. NFL ’11: This official app of the league, comes equipped with the full schedule, a list of upcoming games and up-to-date developments of your favorite teams.
With opening day upon us, make sure you are set up with your DISH Network football package. To add the NFL RedZone or any other football programmings to your Satellite TV package visit us at DISH-Systems or call (888)566-3979. What is your favorite team? Who is your favorite player?