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Student Essay: News Television Provides Uncompromising Perspective

by Andrew

Posted on May 19, 2011

 Do you think broadcast news on TV is dead because of the Internet? Why or why not? DISH Systems Essay ScholarshipBroadcast news today is being eclipsed more and more by the Internet and other media such as the radio. The Internet provides so much information. The information is hunted, grabbed, and condensed into a comprehensible copy that the average individual can understand. Also, the media online can be viewed from anywhere. The TV is bound in place and people of today love to know when and where something happens, right when it happens. Online media conveys this and can be accessed on most phones today. Broadcast news on the TV however is surviving by providing programs that give an opinion and guest hosts. Shows such as “The O’Reilly Factor” or “Hannity” on Fox News do not report the news, but give their opinions on the news and bring in guests to discuss the issues. This type of show draws people in when they are at home. They cannot get this information on their phones. They have to watch the program to get the information and it is entertaining at the same time. Entertainment is the key, without it, there is nothing. TV is all about entertainment, even the news. No one is going to watch the news if it doesn’t provide entertainment, they could just look up the information on their computer or phone and get it even faster. Without these shows, broadcast news on the TV would be hard pressed to compete with the Internet sites that can give on the minute news and information. Each show can also be different upon the topics they discuss. Internet sites can try to change their topics, but they can hardly have the power to bring guests in to talk with them to provide one on one debates live. Fox News and CNN regularly bring in Politicians and Celebrities to voice their views on the problems of today. TV provides an outlet that the Internet does not. They can reach thousands of homes and not everyone has a phone or Internet. Those who don’t have such rely upon the TV for the news and the guests and news outlets can capture these people and others. Broadcast news on the Television is alive and well. Many of these networks even provide the online sites to which they also provide second to second updates around the world. The site provides the information and the TV provides the commentary upon the information. They complement each other, working off each other. The broadcast news even cites the Internet on the television as much as they debate and show news clips. The TV news will die as soon as it stops commentating and only reports the news. Also, people enjoy sitting back and watching the TV. It is easy and you don’t have to do a thing. You don’t have to click a mouse and read page after page of news. The information is put right in front of you and all you have to do is sit back, relax, and drink in the lights and sounds. TV will never truly die. The Internet news may be more instant, but the TV provides the perspective that people relish. Anyone can write what happens and display it for everyone to see. But to analyze it and to convey what this truly means for the world is something else. This is what TV news does and gives it the power to influence people’s opinions. TV is around to stay, the Internet will only complement the TV and vice versa. Broadcast news on the TV will continue to do well, even as Internet sites continue to expand. *This essay was written by Brandon T., a runner-up in the DISH Systems Scholarship Essay Contest. The opinions of the author do not reflect the opinions of DISH Systems, authorized retailer of DISH Network.