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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day The Right Way With Blockbuster @Home

This weekend is St. Patrick’s Day which means it is time to celebrate! St. Patrick himself died on March 17th, in AD 461, after years of roaming Ireland converting pagans to Christianity. Up until 1737 St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t celebrated in the United States until the first public celebration of St. Patrick in Boston. These […]

Give the Gift of Unlimited Rentals with the Blockbuster Movie Pass

Blockbuster unveiled their newest promotion December 9th and this is one to surely bring joy to everyone involved. Blockbuster Movie Pass will be offering unlimited in-store rentals of all 99-cent kids and family movies and games, available as one-month, six-month and one-year gift cards. The “Blockbuster Kids Pass” costs $4.99 a month and allows for […]

DISHNetwork Looking to Acquire Hulu for 1.9 Billion

Just last week DISH Network and Blockbuster announced their movie platform ‘Blockbuster Movie Pass.’ We are now hearing that they have reportedly put in a bid for Hulu. The ‘Blockbuster Movie Pass’ is Blockbusters $10/month answer to Netflix. With over 100,000 DVD Movies, TV Shows and games available by mail, subscribers will have plenty of […]

Americans Are Spending More Money To Rent Movies Than Buy Them

  Red box movie stations are set up in every grocery store, and Netflix is in almost every household around the world. According to a new study from The Digital Entertainment Group, says Americans are spending more money on renting movies than buying them. According to this study, revenue from U.S. movie rentals increased 11 […]

Blockbuster Maintains 1,500 Stores Nationwide

For all of you that were wondering what DISH Network had planned for Blockbuster, when they acquired them on April 26th, 2011, seem to finally be getting some answers. On July 21, 2011 Blockbuster L.L.C. announced that it has assumed contracts with property owners nationwide and will continue to maintain operations of more than 1,500 […]

Blockbuster’s ‘Kids Summer Pass’ Gives Campers Unlimited Access to Family Friendly Flicks

Blockbuster continues to roll out the summer deals with its latest movie rental promo for Camp WannaWachaMovie. Just stop in at any Blockbuster retail store where you can sign up for the Kids’ Summer Pass – four weeks of unlimited family friendly movie rentals (that fall under the regularly price of 99-cent rentals) for only $4.99. If […]