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DISH Perks: DISH Network Offering Free Preview Of The ‘Cooking Channel’ In June

DISH Network offers the best in free programming, and each month they feature different channels that their users may not get from their usual packages. Only DISH offers you month-long previews of some of the best channels out there! So before you buy you can now check out these channels, for FREE! With G4 channel […]

DISH Network’s List of Free Previews For October

With Netflix constantly raising their prices and cable bills going up and up it is nice to something offered for Free. DISH Network offers free previews of some of their most acclaimed networks and shows. Take this opportunity to check out the channels you may not subscribe too- for Free! Check out the Channels playing […]

Exclusive Free Programming for DISH Network Subscribers in January

You can’t get much for free these days, unless you’re a DISH Network customer, seeing as DISH Network is offering nine channels of subscriber-only programming at no charge for the month of January. This month there is a variety of channels that the satellite TV provider is offering its subscribers including the Hallmark Movie Channel, IFC and We tv. Read on […]