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Memorial Weekend Movie And TV Marathons

This weekend in honor of Memorial Day we will spend a 4 day weekend relaxing and hanging out with Friends and Family. There is also great programming on TV this weekend. When it comes to holiday weekends, many channels will be running weekend marathons, presenting the general public a chance to recapture the moments they […]

Can’t Miss Primetime Thursday Night Programming Will Feature Season and Series Finales

Tonight on Primetime TV you won’t want to miss a second. Tonight’s TV lineup will be filled with answers and surprises as many shows wrap up their season and some will wrap up for good. You have ‘Community’, ‘Rules of Engagement’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Person of Interest’, ‘Scandal’ and ‘The Mentalist’ all ending their seasons. ‘Missing’ […]

Viewers Have The Chance To Get Interactive With Oxygen Connect May 18th

The Oxygen Channel is launching a new social TV platform for fans and it is making its big debut in two days. The Platform is called Oxygen Connect and will offer web exclusives, challenges for incentives and a central place to vote during competition shows. Oxygen Connect is set up so it will be woven […]

FOX Announces That ‘House’ Will End After Its Eighth Season

The doctor has almost officially left the building. Last week it was announced that the medical drama ‘House’ would be ending after 8 great seasons. The current season runs until the end of May. ‘House’ stars Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory; a no holds barred doctor that tells it like it is. The antisocial doctor […]

Watch TV Smarter With The Blockbuster Movie Pass, DISH Network and Logitech

Although Logitech has said it will stop making set-tops that deliver the Google TV platform, DISH Network is continuing to market the Revue box to its subscribers. “DISH Network continues to collaborate with Logitech to bring customers this next version of Logitech Revue with Google TV,” Vivek Khemka, DISH VP of product management, said in […]

FOX’s ‘X-Factor’ Gets Renewed For Another Season

Fox is taking a chance on the smash hit ‘X-Factor’ by picking it up for a second season. ‘X-Factor’ is said to be an expensive show and as far as production and ratings have been less than what analysts expected. However the show offers pulls in more than 13 million viewers, when you include the […]

Catch a Pot-O-Gold tonight on Glee at 8pm on FOX

If you haven’t heard of FOX’s smash hit ‘Glee’, then you have probably been living under a rock for the past two years. For those of you that haven’t heard about ‘Glee,’ it first aired back in May of 2009 and featured a story about kid’s at McKinley High School. The High School’s Spanish teacher […]

Other Pay TV Subscribers May Lose FOX Channel November 1st: Make The Switch To DISH Network To Avoid The Hassle

More than two dozen News Corp. owned cable channels may be dropped by service provider DirecTV Group Inc. on November 1st if the two companies can’t reach an agreement on the new distribution deal. Some of these channels include FX, The National Geographic Channel, 19 regional sports networks, and a handful of other sports channels. […]

Don’t Miss The Simpsons Halloween Special ‘Treehouse of Horror XXII’ on FOX

Everyone seems to be getting in the Halloween spirit. Even the residents of Springfield are taking part. In the upcoming ‘Treehouse of Horror XXII’ episode, the creators pay homage to hit TV show ‘Dexter’. Ned Flanders will take on the role of “Dexter Morgan” who believes that God is instructing him to murder various residents […]

Taking a Look Back at all the Great Halloween Themed Programming

The countdown to Halloween is on. While you may be busy getting your costume together, making sure you have a party to go, or that you have enough candy for the trick or treaters, it is important to remember that your DVR is filling up with tons of great Halloween programming. Halloween is a time in […]