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DISH Network Adds Pandora In-Home Streaming Service To The Hopper

DISH Network is one of the leading pay-TV providers and as they continue to add more features they will only get bigger and bigger. They have introduced Pandora, the leading personalized radio service to the Dish Hopper. The DISH Hopper is their new whole-home DVR system that allows you to record up to six different […]

DISH Network and The Hopper Are Changing The Way Americans Watch TV

The way Americans are watching TV is changing. Many households have multiple TVs in a bunch of different rooms. There are 30 million viewers that watch on their mobile phones, 111 million watch on their DVR or VOD, 143 million are watching on the Internet, and Traditional TV still takes up 288 million viewers. With […]

Check Out The New Movies Released This Week From Blockbuster Total Access

DISH Network not only offers great series programming and critically acclaimed movies, they now offer DVD releases and Video Games. Now that Blockbuster and DISH Network have teamed up subscribers to DISH Network now have access to new releases instantly. You can start your Free 30-Day Trial for Blockbuster total access and receive rentals by […]

Check Out DISH Network’s Free Channel Previews Now Until February 2nd

What’s better than getting something for Free? Nothing! DISH Network likes to offer subscribers Free Preview of channels they may not subscribe too. Why not take advantage of Dish generosity and check out these acclaimed channels and their award-winning programming. With the release of their new HD DVR Home Entertainment System you can now record […]

Watch TV Smarter With The Blockbuster Movie Pass, DISH Network and Logitech

Although Logitech has said it will stop making set-tops that deliver the Google TV platform, DISH Network is continuing to market the Revue box to its subscribers. “DISH Network continues to collaborate with Logitech to bring customers this next version of Logitech Revue with Google TV,” Vivek Khemka, DISH VP of product management, said in […]

DVR Usage Increases: TV Show Rankings Become Harder To Track

Many primetime shows are seeing their ratings go through the roof when a week’s worth of DVR usage is included in their tests. Times have changed and many families and households rely on their DVR when tuning in to their favorite programs. DVR penetration has reached 42% viewers and it is having a huge impact […]

DISH Network Adds Leading Wellness Channel Veria(TM) TV to HD Programming

As you channel surf your way to a favorite TV show, you might stop for a minute on Veria™ TV after you catch a glimpse of the peaceful spa music and instant holistic vibes. You slowly start to find yourself lingering a while longer, ending up in the yoga tree pose. DISH Network subscribers can now enjoy the leading […]

DISH Network Brings OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network Programming to Viewers in High Definition

DISH Network has always been a leader in HD programming, so it’s no surprise that the satellite TV company is bringing OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network to its high-definition lineup for subscribers on channel 189. DISH Network subscribers with the America’s Top 200 package and greater will be able to watch OWN in the crisp HD […]

Watch the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup via Your iPhone® or Tablet on DISH Network

The ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events across the globe, seeing as it only comes once every four years, and DISH Network subscribers will get exclusive high-definition access to the 2011 World Cup events. The Cricket World Cup will be available on DISH Network’s international platform in SD, DISH World IPTV, that […]

NY Jets Fans Ready to Pre-Game with HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ Marathon

If you’re a New York Jets fan, then you know there’s no better way to spend your weekend than to prepare for the AFC championship game on Sunday; which is why HBO will air a five hour marathon of ‘Hard Knocks’ featuring the New York Jets, this Saturday on DISH Network. HBO takes fans back […]