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“The Hub” Coming to Discovery Channel 10-10-10

by Andrew

Posted on October 8, 2010

Many parents aren't huge fans of watching their kid's favorite TV shows, but the "The Hub," formerly "Discovery Kids," has created a platform with entertaining and educational content that is enjoyable for kids and the adults in their lives. "The Hub" will consist of original content as well as Hasbro and Discovery Communications' classics like My Little Pony and Adventure Camp (respectively). We can look forward to game shows, new animation characters and family-friendly programming that parents can rely on. With series like Fraggle Rock and Strawberry Shortcake, parents will be touched by childhood memories while enjoying new family favorite: Family Game Night where they can watch real-life families compete in timeless games from their youth. To learn more about how you can enjoy this family-friendly entertainment and find great Dish Network deals, visit our site or call 866.989.3474.