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The Wonderful Ways To Pay Your Cheap Dish Network Bill!

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on October 12, 2007

So you want the best satellite television and Dish Network will give you the equipment and installation for FREE, however, even though you will get HBO and Cinemax Free for 3 months and DishHD HD programming Free for 6 months, you still will have a small bill to pay.  On the up side, your Dish Network Bill will be significantly less than what you were paying for cable What’s the best way to pay for Dish Network? Plastic is the preferred choice for us. You get to watch great Dish Network programming, you get to save paper, you avoid “writer’s cramp” cutting a check and you get points or miles for being a couch potato. Dish Network has credit-card auto pay which, gotta love Dish Network for this, is a FREE service. (We know, Dish Network loves the word FREE and uses is a lot!). Credit-Card Auto Pay is great by allowing you to log-on to your account via the internet and manage your bill. You can change cards, pay for your Pay-Per-View events and prevent a late fee from being charged if you get to wrapped up watching House Hunters to pay your bill. With Credit Card Auto Pay, you can also pay your bill though your Dish Network receiver on Channel 100. Now how cool is that?   So what other options are available to pay your cheap Dish Network bill? Since Dish Network is so in-expensive, it seems a waste for them to print you a bill and you to write a check. Although this is an option, save a tree and keep the checks for birthday cards. Dish allows you pay with good-ole cash. However, you do need to visit one of the following Dish Network partners that pay your bill via cash. Dish Network accepts cash payments from the following vendors: Green Dot MoneyPak, MoneyGram Express Pay, America’s Cash Express, PreCash, In Person Payments (IPP),CheckFree and Western Union Quick Collect.