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Three-Day ‘Jeopardy!’ Special Pits Man Versus Machine on DISH Network

by Andrew

Posted on February 14, 2011

The classic game show that originated in 1964 will take on its first-ever non-human contestant that will challenge two former 'Jeopardy!' champions tonight (Feb. 14) through Wednesday (Feb. 16) in a rare three-day game show edition of man against machine, part of DISH Network programming. The debut of IBM's Watson computer (named after IBM founder Thomas J. Watson) on 'Jeopardy!' is highly anticipated seeing as he will compete against the show's top champions Ken Jennings, a former computer programmer and Brad Rutter who's $3.25 million in earnings make him a tough contender against the artificial intelligence entity. IBM's Watson computer underwent the same testing that all contestants endure prior to the actual game show in order to qualify for a spot alongside its human competitors. The machine of course passed the testing seeing as it will be making its debut tonight against Jennings and Rutter. There were a few practice rounds as well between Watson and the former champions that allowed Rutter and Jennings to get a feel for what they will be up against. Viewers will see Watson take the middle platform in between Rutter and Jennings as a plasma screen that verbally reveals its answers in question form, of course. Seems like a high-tech version of 'the voice of Oz' from The Wizard of Oz if you ask me. Rutter and Jennings both look forward to representing humanity and even Jennings goes so far to say he'd place his bets on the humans winning. Who do you think will win this week's 'Jeopardy!' match - machine or man? You can catch the three-day special beginning tonight on ABC at 7:30 PM in HD on DISH Network. To get HD free for life, visit authorized DISH Network retailer, DISH Systems online or call 866-989-3474. You can also find satellite TV updates by becoming a fan of DISH Systems on Twitter and Facebook. Here's a look at what you can expect tonight, from Associated Press' interview with Rutter and Jennings: