Top 10 TV Shows For 2012

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on July 18, 2012

The 2012 TV Season has delivered many great shows for viewers. The following list examines the Top 10 TV Shows for 2012. Breaking Bad This series about a down on his luck high school science teacher who becomes a drug kingpin offers cinematic quality writing and videography. The show has evolved into a black comedy of sorts without losing its hard and dark edges and superior character development. Sons of Anarchy The lives of bikers and their nefarious dealings dominate this series. This show delves into many gray areas where morality is questioned and leaves the viewer with many cliffhanging style episodes. America’s Got Talent This voter style show seeks to uncover some of the hidden talent that lies within the American populace. The show routinely features singers and performers who graduate to successful careers after being seen and discovered on the show. 60 Minutes This in-depth and investigative news show offers viewers detailed looks at current news topics. The show has been known to court controversy and is often able to obtain exclusive interviews with newsmakers. The Bachelorette This show places an eligible female at the center and then has men attempt to woo her on screen. Through a process of elimination, the star eventually ends up with one man who she is destined to marry. NCIS This show follows the routines of a fictional special agent team that investigates crimes occurring on the high seas and within the navy. This drama is one of many police procedural shows that have been increasing in popularity over the past decade. Person of Interest This show follows the operation of a former CIA operative who has been hired by a shadowy billionaire to prevent crimes before they occur in the Big Apple. The former Green Beret and detective employs an advanced computer system that predicts when crimes will occur and then attempts to thwart the criminals. The Mentalist Another police procedural show that traces the moves of a former psychic who now helps the CBI on their most difficult cases. The mentalist has a personal vendetta to catch a killer responsible for the murder of his family. The Big Bang Theory This show contrasts the geekiness of scientists with the beauty and common sense of a local waitress. The characters interact and share their wisdom to uncover the mysteries of the universe. Pawn Stars This show chronicles the activities of a famous gold and silver pawn shop located in Sin City.