Trick or Treat? Treat – If You Are a Dish Network Customer

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on October 11, 2010

halloween tvIt’s that time of year; ghosts and goblins, pumpkin carving, bowls of endless candy, and of course horror movies.  I love fall. I love everything about it, I even love the wind.  Everywhere you go the smell of cinnamon and spice is in the air and grocery stores are packed with comfort food and pumpkins.  However, while I love all of those things they are not the underlying reason why I love fall as much as I do. Year after year you can find me searching through my Dish Network channel and program guide, jotting down the dates and times when all of my favorite scary movies will be on.  Have you ever curled up on your couch on a dark crisp evening with a root beer float in hand and watched Friday the 13th in high definition?  Perhaps  you’re not a horror flick fan like I am.  No problem, Dish Network has something for everyone this fall.  For the cook in the house; tune into the Food Network channel for fall food and cocktail ideas along with some great tips and recipes for upcoming Halloween parties.  And of course we haven’t forgotten about the kids.  ABC and Dish Network are back again this year to bring you the “13 Nights of Halloween” featuring classic family favorites like Goonies, Hocus Pocus and The Mask with Jim Carrey. This ABC Halloween lineup will run from October 19th - October 31st, so grab the candy bowl and caramel apples and settle in for some good ole’ spine tingling fun.  Dish Network is back with its Halloween specials and they’re coming for you.

To watch all of the Halloween specials and movies offered at a discount from Dish Network, call 866.989.3474 or visit Dish Systems online.