Wannabe Celebrities Featured in New VH1 Reality TV Series ‘Famous Food’

Famous Food Reality Series Added to VH1 Fall LineupNot exactly sure what former ‘Bachelor’ Jake Pavelka, ‘The Hills’ plastic surgery clad Heidi Montag, and unstable (to put it politely) ‘New Jersey Housewives’ star Danielle Staub all have in common? It seems as though VH1, part of DISH Network programming, has put together a new reality series featuring the mentioned C-list celebrities, plus the rap group Three 6 Mafia, call girl turned singer Ashley Dupre and Vincent Pastore (part of the ‘Sopranos’ cast), called ‘Famous Food.’ These Hollywood desperadoes will be eating there way through the series alongside restaurateurs of the Dolce Group, Mike Malin and Lonnie Moore who will offer the hardest working “celeb” a partnership in their new restaurant venture in Los Angeles, ‘Famous Food.’

Malin and Moore are no strangers to celebrity partnerships in the restaurant business, having worked with A-list investors before including, Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama, Jamie Kennedy and many others. The Dolce Group currently run multiple restaurants, many of which are housed in the Los Angeles area, from Ketchup to Geisha House and Bella Cucina Italiana. The restaurateur duo is hoping to make Famous Food another celeb hot spot with the help of one of the lucky celebrity participants and the VH1 reality series platform. According to AOL’s TV Squad, the celebs will be tasked with various restaurant related challenges including: “renovation, concept, marketing, menu, staffing and opening.”

‘Famous Food’ is expected to air in the fall of 2011 on VH1, to learn more about DISH Network programming, visit authorized retailer DISH Systems online where you can also find the latest DISH deals. Will you watch ‘Famous Food’ on VH1? Do you think this will be a serious reality competiton or a platform for the stars to capitalize on another TV trainwreck?


  • deborah says:

    when the previews aired i thought it was going to be another stupid reality show.since the show started i have not missed an episode.i truly believe that juicy has a serious drinking problem and needs help.i only hope his brother tells him how ridiculas he looks, i feel for him that he don’t have a clue.danelle is a know it all,the soprano guy is cool but i dont see him running a resturant.the bachlor guy cant deal with the designer so i find that makes him a little weak.ashley knocked herself out by missing important meetings.as far as im concerned shes should be history.its going to be interesting to see who wins….also i would like to see someone kick the designers a**. he is a prick if i hired someone they would not talk to me that way, also the group should have had an attorney look athe contract before they signed…oh and danelle needs to chill, i saw he on houswives, she has serious issues (mental) …..hopefully my review answers your question …..yes i enjoy watching. good luck

  • Adam says:

    OMG!! This show is full of dumba$$ people n yet I am truly addicted 2 it lol! That designer guy Scott needs his face stomped! Danelle needs 2 go 2 a physco rehab. Juicy J needs 2 go 2 a regular rehab. Ashley could of won but she screwed herself. Heidi is just stupid. Soprano is 2 old. Jake is good but weak. Soo the only 1 that truly could run the Lemon Basket is DJ Paul believe it or not. He is smart n strong n knows what he is doin n what needs 2 done. He is my pick. I would pick him if it was up 2 me 4 sure!

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