Watch Cantonese Jadeworld TVB On Dish Network

Cantonese TV Programming JadeworldTM TVB New On Dish Network.

Starting November 18, 2012 Dish Network will offer the Jadeworld package and TVB channels for just $39.99/mo. Dish Network will offer 5 channels of popular programming from Mainland China, Hong Kong & Taiwan through this new Jadeworld package.

These Cantonese and Mandarin based packages will broadcast popular news, entertainment, music, lifestyle, and children’s programming. The TVB channels located below will carry programs that are available for U.S. viewers the same day they originally broadcast.

Cantonese: Jadeworld Channel Lineup:

TVB1 – General Entertainment
The most popular TVB dramas on same-day broadcast with Hong Kong, daily Hong Kong and world news, U.S. news and financial reports, plus talk shows, lifestyle and travel programs. (Cantonese) » Top Show: “The Confidant”

TVB2 – General Entertainment
In addition to news from Hong Kong, the U.S., and worldwide, TVB2 also offers children’s programs, travel info shows, music variety shows, top-rated dramas, and popular sitcoms. (Cantonese) » Top Shows: “All Star World Exam” “Let’s Play with Our Food”

TVBe – Lifestyle
Same-day broadcasts including entertainment news, daily market analysis, and news reports, plus TVB hit dramas and a wide range of shows covering celebrity news, health, travel, food, and music. (Cantonese) » Top Show: “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles”

TVBS – General Entertainment
Broadcasts in real-time direct from Taiwan. Renowned news digests and talk shows examine pressing political and economic issues in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. (Mandarin) » Top Shows: “News Night Club” “Speaking Your Mind on 2100”

CCTV – 4 General Entertainment
Provides millions of Chinese Americans in the U.S. with great Mandarin Chinese programming packed with news, documentaries, talk shows, and much more. (Mandarin)

Jadeworld package offers some of the most popular sitcoms and dramas from Hong Kong on 5 Chinese-language channels. For more details or to pre-order Jadeworld TVB call 866.356.2658