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Watch Live NFL Games On Your Phone Or Computer!

by Andrew

Posted on July 22, 2010

With all the new technology out there, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what’s useful and what is not. Well if you’re a football fan and you think you can only watch games in your living room then here’s some new useful tech info for you. Now no matter where you are you can flip on your phone or computer and watch a game. This is man’s new best friend especially when a relaxing Sunday turns out to be an action pack day of running back and forth from Bed Bath and Beyond & Forever 21. A torturous day of picking out towels and carrying bags just got much better. How do you make life better by getting NFL games on your phone or computer you ask? Well there are a couple different options. With DIRECTV: The NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ To-Go to let’s you get live streams of every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game on your smartphone. NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ To-Go features:
  • Live Streaming Video: Enjoy every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game, plus the Red Zone Channel. You can switch from game to game at any time.
  • Highlights: Relive the big moments. See up to 12 significant plays from every game, either individually or consecutively.
  • Scores & Game Status: See scores and game status for the current week's completed and in-progress games. Check the schedule for the upcoming games.
  • Instant Stats: An indispensable feature for fantasy footballers. Track your favorite players' performance with a touch. Get game and player stats instantly for each game.
With DISH Network: Watch your favorite shows anytime, anywhere with DISH's exclusive ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR. What does SlingLoaded mean? It means you can connect to one TV for viewing at home, plus watch live and recorded programming on your computer or mobile device. ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR Features:
  • Watch your favorite live and recorded programs on your computer or mobile device!
  • Manage your DVR and record your favorite shows from your computer or mobile device with DISH
  • Remote Access. Schedule recordings, browse and search the program guide and delete shows you’ve already watched.
There you go, two different ways to bring your game with you. Now next time you’re getting dragged away from the couch on a Sunday afternoon, you can either hit record on the DVR with DISH or open an APP on your phone with DIRECTV and bring the game on the road! So far this technology is only capable with satellite TV companies. You will need to be a subscriber to one of the above services to take advantage of these amazing new ways to watch your favorite team. Still got questions? Get your answers now and figure out how to get the NFL in your pocket, give a call today 1.866.989.3474