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Watch Sports On Your Phone Or iPad

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on September 18, 2012

True fans know how important it is to hear or see the game at any time. There are many great applications for your phone or iPad so you won't miss a second. Modern technology brings the sports to your finger tips. Here is a list of great sports apps: 1) CBS Sports Description - This mobile app has great live broadcasts of basketball and football games. Follow your "Stats Leaders" and "Scoreboard." Platform - iPhone or Android Cost - Free 2) DirecTV SuperFan Description - This is a SuperFantastic application for those who have DirecTV membership, NFL Sunday Ticket and SuperFan service. Enjoy live football video. Platform - iPhone, Palm, BlackBerry or Windows Cost - Free 3) ESPN Radio Description - Leading the sports planet, ESPN has expanded its reach offering consumers the ability to listen to various stations. Platform - iPhone, iPad or Android Cost - Free with Live Streams for $4.99 4) ESPN ScoreCenter XL Description - Recognized as the world sports leader, ESPN covers the widest range of contests. Get game previews, in-game updates, recaps, scores and videos. Platform - iPhone, iPad or Android Cost - Free version and XL is paid 5) Madden NFL EA Sports Description - Play the best-selling Madden football game anywhere. Platform - iPhone, iPad or Android Cost - Paid 6) MLB At Bat Description - Major League Baseball provides live audio coverage, in-game highlights and video feeds. Platform - iPhone, BlackBerry or Android Cost - Pay fee for activation and individual games for $0.99 each 7) NBA Game Time Courtside Description - Track individual players and teams. Platform - iPhone or Android Cost - Free 8) NFL Mobile Description - Follow your favorite team with live updates, audio and video streams. Platform - iPhone, iPad or Android Cost - Lite is free and Premium is paid 9) Sportacular Free and Pro Description - This is the most sophisticated mobile app with great score updates. Platform - iPhone, iPad or Android Cost - Free for Basic and $1.99 for Pro 10) Yahoo! Fantasy Football Description - Fans can edit, update and follow their Fantasy Football League with this great app. Platform - iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android Cost - Free Notable Home TV Extension App: You can watch your actual home sport channels with the Slingplayer app ($29.99 and requires a SlingBox home unit).