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What does 720p and 1080i mean?

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on April 10, 2009

Scan type comes in two versions: “P” and “I”Progressive Scan (denoted by the “p”)- This method shows each line of pixels consecutively from top-to-bottom and left-to-right. With 720 lines and 1,280 pixels in each line, this process must be done extremely fast and it a primary factor for why Progressive Scan televisions are generally more expensive. Interlaced Scan (denoted by the “i”)- 1080 stands for the number of vertical lines (1,080) scanned. This method shows each line of pixels on the screen in two sets: 540 odd lines and 540 even lines for a total of 1080 lines. If each line were numbered, it would flash between odd and even numbered lines. This, alternating “back and forth” flashing, occurs as such a fast rate; the human eye will not notice it. Both formats are considered HD; however some people believe progressive is the better of the two. DISH Network is the first to offer Video On Demand in 1080p. Now you can watch your movies with stunning clarity, unsurpassed detail, and resolution equal to Blu-ray Disc! If you don not currently get DISH Network and would like to bring this amazing new quality imagery into your home you can call 866-989-3474 or visit Dish Systems online.