What Goes Up Must Come Down…or not!

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on January 9, 2008

Issac Newton convinced the world about the simple laws of physics, stating that “what goes up must come down”, unfortunately recent inflating gas prices and the absurd rise in cable rates are challenging Newton’s age old theory. Charter, Cox, Comcast, and Time Warner are among just a few of the top U.S. cable companies that are raising cable rates in early 2008. Recent rate hikes expand far beyond simple cable packages and will also be noticed at the installation and repair service level. Time Warner will increase their current installation and repair rates by 13% an hour. The hourly fee can be charged for repair service or installation and a recent customer service poll noted that the average installation takes 1 hour and 19 minutes, allowing large cable companies to make far beyond your above quoted installation price. Cable Companies are blaming the recent rate hikes on competition from satellite companies and the demand for High Definition programming capabilities. However, satellite TV companies like Dish Network are thriving and offering multiple programming packages that will guarantee a locked in monthly rate until January 31, 2009. Dish Network in its quest for superior customer service is also promoting your first three months FREE with several of their current programming packages. So while cable companies need to brush up on their customer service skills and the basic laws of physics, Dish Network understands that customers have a choice in their television service and that the choice is an easy one. For more information on Dish Network and the various programs being offered please call