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What’s REALLY Going on With Dish Network

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on October 13, 2010

Lately it seems like every time I turn on the television I am hit with ads stating that Dish Network is losing several key channels like the FX channel, National Geographic and several regional sports networks over fee increases. I would like to point out that so far nothing has changed but as a Dish Network customer this was of great concern to me and a few others taking up space on my couch every evening.  So I turned to the internet and read article after article that said basically the same thing, “Dish Network plays hardball”.  They are known in the industry to not back down and to fight for what is right.  Several of the articles stated that after Fox merged with satellite giant and Dish competitor DirecTV, Fox started asking for excessive contract fees from Dish Network since DISH brings in a good amount of customers based on FOX programming.  Sounds fair right? Wrong. In fact Dish Network recently sent out a press release asking its loyal customers to “Please know that Dish Network continues to negotiate with FOX. Fox is trying to scare viewers by threatening to take away the World Series and other local FOX TV programming, a tactic they’ve been using in ads. Last week public interest groups, including the American Television Alliance, Independent Telephone & Telecommunications Alliance and the Sports Fans Coalition, have publicly voiced their support for DISH Network and are imploring FOX to consider what is best for the consumers.” See the most recent video of Dish Network's CEO's take on the fee dispute. Despite behind the scenes contract disputes, Dish Network continues to move forward in the right direction; bringing on more HD channel access and overall coverage to its viewers by introducing France 24, The Sony Movie Channel and the newest edition, Google TV.  This amazing new Google feature will be available through Dish Network late 2010. In fact, Google TV has linked up with Time Warner, NBC Universal and Netflix bringing viewers the best of the web and TV worlds. So make room on your couch my loyal viewer because with Dish Network your TV viewing options are still limitless. To order Dish Network or look at more deals & specials, visit our website.