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DISH Network Satellite TV Resources

DISH Network’s Top Products and Equipment

DISH Network has recently unveiled some exciting new features sure to please DISH customers interested in mobile and computer-accessible DISH satellite television content. Here is a look at some of these new features:

DISH Network for the Android: Mobile television streaming is now available on Android mobile phones at no additional charge courtesy of DISH Network. Find out more about what is required to get your Android connected to your DVR and start watching live and recorded television on your mobile device today!

DISH Network for the iPhone : Mobile television streaming is also now available on Apple’s iPhone from DISH Network with no additional cost to use. Find out more about the new DISH iPhone app and the equipment you will need to get you streaming live and recorded programs on your iPhone.

DISH Network for the iPad : With the capability to watch live and recorded television on your iPhone and Android phones through DISH Network introduced not long ago, the DISH app to do the same on the popular iPad has arrived.

Satellite TV for the PC : One of the more desirable conveniences of a computer is being able to stream digital content from the internet. What about being able to stream live television and sporting events on your PC? Find out more about how you can watch DISH TV on your PC.

Satellite TV on a Laptop : Like watching DISH TV on a desktop, you can watch all your favorite live programs from your DISH DVR on your portable laptop anywhere in the house. Find out what you’ll need to get started on this great new option.