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DISH Hopper

DISH Network Hopper and Whole-Home DVR Service

The Whole Home DISH Network Hopper offers you the freedom to watch what you want when you want on any of your TVs!


  • Record multiple shows at the same time
  • Prime time anytime means you can watch Network shows without the need for another tuner
  • Connect to the Internet to gain access to Pay-Per-View, FREE apps, and on-demand movies
  • Proximity remote. Push a button on your Hopper and your remote will beep

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The Joey expands your Hopper features to be used in any room with a wired connection.

Use your Hopper features on any of your TVs!

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Super Joey

With the Super Joey, you can record up to 8 shows at a time and enjoy them throughout your home!

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Wireless Joey

The Wireless Joey lets you expand your Hopper HD DVR features to any TV, anywhere in your home without wires!

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