Mobile Satellite Television Now Available on Android Phones

DISH Network now
offers subscribers the ability to stream live satellite television and recorded
programs on their Android mobile devices with no additional cost to use the
service. The mobile functionalities of the new DISH Network on Android app
include current tools found on DISH Remote Access that allow subscribers to
manage their digital video recorders, search program listings, schedule
recordings, and even access features on the remote control. Users on the go will
no longer have to miss out on all their favorite live or recorded shows, movies,
or sporting events. DISH’s new mobile streaming television service will allow
unfettered access to your favorite programs anytime and anywhere. As the DISH
app utilizes a user’s television subscription, DISH’s new mobile streaming
television service offers more channels than other major television providers
and streaming alternatives.

In addition to being a DISH Network subscriber, streaming live satellite
television on your Android device will require some extra hardware. Since a
placeshifting device is needed to remotely stream satellite television from a
DVR to a mobile device via an internet or cellular data connection at any
location, the service requires Sling Media’s SlingBox. There are a couple of
options available for current DISH subscribers to easily utilize the new mobile
streaming television service using Slingbox technology. If you already have a
DISH DVR, a simple upgrade of your DVR receiver to the latest DVR model with
built-in SlingBox technology and you’re ready to go. The other option is to
purchase a stand-alone SlingBox adapter that connects to your existing DISH DVR
and enables online satellite television streaming on the Android.