DISH Network for iPad

Watch Live and Recorded Television Now with the DISH Network for iPad App

With the capability to watch live and recorded television on
your iPhone and Android phones through DISH Network introduced not long ago, the
DISH app to do the same on the popular iPad has arrived. The ability to watch
all your favorite television programs and sporting events live or recorded on
your DVR adds to DISH’s extraordinary TV Everywhere lineup that enables DISH
customers to take television wherever they go. The already immense content
supported by Apple’s iPad is now made even more comprehensive with DISH Network introducing its brand
of quality satellite television programming on Apple’s revolutionary platform at
no extra cost.

The same familiar and convenient functionalities found on your DVR are utilized
in the DISH Network for iPad Remote Access app, which allow users to search for
their favorite programs (up to 9 days in advance), schedule recordings on their
receiver from anywhere, edit /delete recordings and manage recording and
scheduling priorities, as well as enable their iPad to function as a virtual
remote for the DVR receiver. This is a wonderful must-have app for iPad users
subscribed to DISH Network.

The DISH Network Remote Access app for iPad can be downloaded free from the
iTunes store here.

A few important reminders for DISH Network subscribers before using the DISH
Network for iPad app:

    • In order to watch live and recorded television from your DVR on your
      iPad, DISH subscribers must have either a ViP 922 Slingloaded DVR* or a
      ViP 722 / 722k HD DuoDVR with Sling Adapter accessory. High-speed
      internet is required.

The ViP 922 Slingloaded DVR is the only DISH DVR that features embedded Sling
technology and does not require the Sling Adapter accessory.

  • For ViP 722 / 722k HD DuoDVR owners, purchase the DISH Sling Adapter for $99, which connects to the
    receiver through the USB port.
  • The DISH Remote Access app can be used to manage your DVR library on the
    receiver and is compatible with these DVR models: 512, 522, 625, 612, 622,
    722, 722k, 922.
  • DISH Network subscribers must have an online customer account at and will need to use DISH Remote Access at least once
    from a PC before using the iPad app. Log into your DISH customer account here to get started.