DISH Network on iPhone

Mobile Satellite Television Now Available on Apple’s iPhone

DISH Network
subscribers interested in watching their favorite live or recorded television
programs on their mobile device will be able to enjoy the convenience of
on-the-go media and entertainment as DISH’s new mobile streaming television
service has arrived on the iPhone. DISH subscribers can now watch their favorite
live or recorded television shows, movies, and sporting events wherever they go.
DISH Network’s new mobile television streaming service is available with no
additional cost to subscribers, allowing iPhone users unlimited access to all
their favorite channels. The free upgraded DISH Network on iPhone app enables
DVR receiver functionalities found on DISH Remote Access including utilizing a
subscriber’s television subscription, programming digital video recorders,
browsing scheduled television lineups, managing DVR disk space, schedule
recordings, and accessing specific features found on the remote control.

For DISH subscribers and iPhone users, the free mobile streaming television
service will require some leverage from necessary hardware. Sling Media’s
Slingbox is a placeshifting device that allows a mobile device to stream
remotely from television sets, digital video recorders, and other video sources
using an internet connection or cellular data network. DISH subscribers
interested in using the new mobile streaming television service will have a few
options to implement the service. Subscribers with a current DISH DVR can simply
request an upgrade of their current DVR receivers to the latest DVR model with
built-in Slingbox technology. Owners of the newer DISH ViP 922 SlingLoaded DVRs
will not need any further upgrades to enjoy online video streaming content on
their iPhones. Sling Media also offers the Slingbox device that connects to
compatible DISH DVRs and enables mobile users to stream live television from
their DVR receivers anywhere.

The free DISH Network for iPhone app is available from iTunes App store here. The iPhone app allows customers to log onto DISH
Remote Access without having to visit the mobile web address. Before using the
app, customers will need to register for an online customer account at