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DISH Outside


TailgaterThe Tailgater is a fully automatic portable HD satellite antenna that can either sit on the ground or be permanently mounted to the roof of your RV. The Tailgater supports viewing on multiple TVs.

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Playmaker – The Playmaker is ideal for tailgating or camping due to its compact design and easy setup. It’s fully automatic for your complete convenience!

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Pathway X2

Pathway X2 – The Pathway X2 is lightweight, portable and can easily run two receivers simultaneously. It’s built for the outdoors with a strong signal and resistance to signal loss during inclement weather.

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TRAV’LER – The TRAV’LER is an automatic multi-satellite antenna that lets you view separate programming on 3 TVs simultaneously with the option to add more. The TRAV’LER is perfect for families traveling in RVs who have different tastes in TV!

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DISH 1000 Tripod

DISH 1000 Tripod – Affordable and extremely portable, the DISH 1000 Tripod is the antenna of choice for travelers all over. The DISH 1000 Tripod supports up to 3 receivers and requires manual positioning.

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