Satellite TV on a Laptop

View Live and Recorded Satellite TV on a Laptop

Much like its desktop counterpart, laptops are made with bigger
and better specs that rival some of the best desktop computers on the market
today. As opposed to stationary desktops, laptops, like popular mobile devices,
are valued for their accessibility and portability. With their capacity for
doing everything a desktop can, but from anywhere, laptops are the perfect
multimedia device for the home, office, or travels. The advent of wireless
streaming content made laptops an even better option for a lot of consumers
looking for the convenience of instant media and entertainment on the go, which
is why viewing satellite TV on a laptop is a luxury many consumers will find as
a quality addition to DISH Network.
For DISH subscribers interested in using their laptops to stream DISH Network’s
satellite television, users will need to have a broadband internet connection
and a small extra hardware requirement.

Viewing streaming content remotely from a home television set, digital video
recorder, or other video source additionally requires the use of a device that
utilizes placeshifting technology to allow video streams on desktops, laptops,
and other mobile devices with either broadband internet connection or cellular
data network. Sling Media’s proprietary placeshifting device is Slingbox. DISH
Network subscribers have a couple of simple options to acquire Slingbox to start
streaming live and recorded programs on their laptops.

  • DISH Network’s newest DVR model is the ViP 922 SlingLoaded DVR includes
    built-in Slingbox technology for satellite television streaming with a
    laptop without further upgrades.
  • DISH subscribers can upgrade their current DVR receiver to the latest
    SlingLoaded DVR model with Slingbox technology.
  • Sling Media offers a stand-alone Slingbox device that connects to your
    existing DISH DVR receiver.

Managing DISH Remote Access on a Laptop:

DISH customers planning to use their laptops to access and manage their DVR
receivers online using DISH Remote Access will need a broadband internet
connection. Laptop users accessing the DISH Remote Access online will be able to
perform all the same functions as they would on their DVR. Compatible internet
browsers include:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, or 8.0
  • Firefox Version 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0
  • Safari and Safari for mobile devices

DISH customers planning to use DISH Remote Access on their laptops must first log
into their DISH Network online customer account at An
online customer account is required to create a username and password to use
DISH Remote Access. Download the free SlingPlayer

Download and install the free SlingPlayer software from
Sling Media and starting watching now. The software also provides a Setup
Assistant to display the remote controls of your DVR on your computer.

*HD streaming is only available for HD
video sources hooked up to the Slingbox PRO-HD. Depending on your PC’s
specs, the minimum system requirements for high-definition streaming and
standard-definition streaming will also vary. For more information
regarding system requirements and compatibility, visit the Slingbox
software page here.