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Read what some of our customers are saying about the service and quality of DISH Systems

The service is great! I had some trouble with the receiver when it was first installed and someone came out to our home and quickly fixed the problem and took some money off the bill for the inconvenience. Thanks for the great service. – Jill C. (Gay, WV) I have had a great experience with DISH Network. It’s way better service and cheaper than cable. Love the DVR! – Melissa L. (Sammamish, WA) Service is great! I enjoy my DISH Network very much. – Doug C. (Mayo, SC) We have DISH Network installed in our vacation home, the service is wonderful, picture is clear, love it. – Sandra G. (Saulsbury, TN) I love DISH Network, it is the best service I have ever had. – Traci J. (Columbia, MO) Love the service, I haven’t had any problems and I think the dual receivers are great. – Sandra V. (Buckeye, AZ) I enjoy the personalized channels and love the Western Channels. – Bryant R. (Ocala, FL) Make sure your new customers get a DVR. We love ours! – Jason R. (Tifton, GA) The DISH Network Remote is easy to use. Controls everything and like using the pause feature. – Carl D. (Orange, CA) I love DISH because you can watch great movies without commercials. – Susan K. (Parson, WV) DISH Network is worth every penny! – Theodore S. (Bear Lake, PA) If DISH didn’t have the soap channel, I wouldn’t have DISH, its great! I’m addicted! – Leanne J. (Livingston, TX) The kids love it, there is no comparison to other companies, DISH is much better! – Pamela D. (Akron, OH) Great service, very pleased! – Heidi N. (Woodville, WA) DISH has the best HD movie channels,independent films, foreign offers German (programming), if there was no HD, there would be no DISH Network. – Ross and Nancy D.(Hayward, CA) Love DISH because I can record, fast forward and rewind live TV. – Yolanda C, (Stockon, CA) I like the DVR! – Lori S. (Peoria, AZ) DISH Network is all good for me. – Benjamin M. (Santa Rosa, CA)

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